Instructions for Use

The GYMBOX is available in two sizes:
GYMBOX 80cm cube recommended for age group 3m-3y (17 parts) limited to 20kg
For babies under 3 month pls advise your physician
GYMBOX 100cm cube recommended for age group 3y-7y (16parts) limited to 45kg
For special needs – the main parameter is the child weight.

This innovative modular cube unfolds its 6 faces and transforms to a sport mattress that combines various elements, such as balls pool, cylinders of different sizes, swings, stairs, slope, crawling tunnel and balance surface.
The unique feature on the GYMBOX is that it can be put together in a compact cube shape, adjusted and intended for indoor use. The different parts of the GYMBOX are combined together and attached to the outer case by Velcro straps;
The GYMBOX is easy and simple to fold. After the product is opened, the different parts should be arranged by the color of the Velcro straps on the sport mattress. There is a match between the color of the Velcro and the color of the feature. Some parts can be put in different places at will.

Moving or carrying the GYMBOX (figure no. 1)
The GYMBOX has two carrying handles on the sides.
There are two ways to move or carry the GYMBOX:

1 If two people carry the GYMBOX – The GYMBOX must be turn around so that the handles are on the sides of the cube, near the top, and then it is carried by holding the handles on each side.

2 If one person is carrying the GYMBOX – bend down and hold the handles on both sides and then lift or tow it.

Opening and assembling the GYMBOX (figure no. 2)
1: Open the Velcro of the sides of the different squares.
2: Remove the stairs and the small semi cylinder that areattached to the slide and put them together according to the color of the Velcro (e.g. red stair to red Velcro, and blue stair to blue Velcro).
3: Removing the balls pool from the square it is attached to in the cube to the central square of the mattress according to the color of the Velcro on the mattress (e.g. yellow).
4: Move the slide slightly to the center of the square according to the color of the Velcro on the mattress (e.g. red).
5: Arrange the rest of the features according to figure no. 2*, and arrange them later in different forms to play.
*- The GYMBOX 100 * 100 * 100 contains two large cylinders instead of one large and two small cylinders.

Folding and packing the GYMBOX
1: Disassemble the balls pool and put it on the next side,
around the balance plane. Slightly remove the slide to the edge of the square (the far end from the balance plane). Insert the big stair and the small half cylinder into the tunnel of the slide.
Put the small stair in the seat of the slide. Remove the rest of the features from the mattress. figure no. 3.

2: Lift the square that balls pool and the balance plane are attached to, using the outer handle, fold it (rotate it towards the slide) and attach it to the slide. Lift and fold the rest of the squares, and attach them to each other by the Velcro to make a cube around the slide (except of the square which is the “lid” of the cube). Figure no. 4.

3: Put the two half circles one on top of the other (with the open facing upwards), near the side, on the slide’s slope and next to the stair. Figure no. 5.

4: Put the big half cylinder, flat face upwards so that part of it is laid on the red stair and the rest in the half circle. Put the big cylinder next to the big half cylinder, by the side of the cube. Put the two small cylinders on the other side of the big half cylinder. Close the GYMBOX to a cube by placing the remaining square and securing it
by the Velcro. Figure no. 6, figure no. 1.

Safety precautions for usage
All the safety precautions that are specified on the label which appear on the playmat must be kept:
• Never leave a child unattended while the GYMBOX is assembled
• Adult supervision needed at all times
• When used the GYMBOX must be placed on a soft surface
• The GYMBOX should be assembled and dissembled by an adult

  • Just like other mattresses the GYMBOX should be turned around from time to time and place on different squares to preserve its shape.
  • The GYMBOX is meant to be used indoors. Important to remember that it is not durable in rain, humidity, and sun light.
  • It is recommended not to allow activity in the GYMBOX while wearing shoes.
  • The GYMBOX should be cleaned with baby wipes only. The sponges must not be taken out of the covers and the covers must not be laundered in any way.

    The GYMBOX is made of high quality materials and complies with international safety standards.

    The GYMBOX website  offers a wind range of exercises for ages 3m-7y, that maximize the full usage and fulfill your child’s best potential.

The GYMBOX is complemented with a psychologist and development specialist so further consultation on E-mail or on the telephone after the purchase is also possible. We are always happy to serve you:
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