Musical experiences with the GYMBOX

Musical experiences with the GYMBOX

Ofra Cohen music terapy

The musical capabilities inherent in every infant are important for the growth, development, learning, creativeness, and his ability to express himself, with the added value of joyful and pleasant activity.
The hearing sense of the baby develops before the sense of sight, and he can identified significant sounds even before he opens his eyes.
Communication with the baby is made possible from the moment of birth using signals, motions, sounds, observation, listening, and music. Reception of signals contributes to mutual understanding between the baby and the caregiver.
Babies in their first year gain control over their speech organs: mouth, lips, tongue and vocal cords. His motor faculty is gained through strengthening of the oral organs as part of the overall development process, and the control of the speech organs allows him to produce sounds (speech, mumbling, and syllables) that comprise his music.
Musical activity for preschoolers based on motion and music from all over the world combines fun, imagination, creation, sound, color, and motion, and reinforces a
relation of love.

Composition no. 1: Cloud

Acquaintance with the GYMBOX parts in free motion of the children while listening to music

Composition no. 3: Pash Pash

The game of balls. The children are seated at the perimeter of the ball pool, hold two balls
and tap according to the tempo of the composition

Composition no. 4: Saturday Morning

Hide-and-seek using the parts of the tunnel, circle, and cylinders, played among the children or
teacher / adult and a child

Composition no. 13: Morning Jogging

Running around the GYMBOX during the first half of the composition, and sliding the slide during the second half,
and vice versa